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I suggested Retro put all this info on his first post in this thread. That way he can keep it updated and we will know who is bringing what and where he lives.

I don't know the address off hand but have been there a few times. It is just north of Morehead on route 32. Just outside of the city part a mile or so north of the Walmart and Kroger stores. On the left sits way off the road is his A frame up on the hillside.

I'll also have a ton of fuel points if you guys want to top off your tanks for a $1.00 off a gallon at Krogers.

You jump on my bumper and make Rudy be in a bad mood then you can deal with him all day.

I'll be bringing my 3 ton floor jack(noticed seal is leaking, but it works fine)
I'll also be bringing a dozen or more 4x6 wood blocks to sit things up on and to burn as needed.
I'll also be bringing my Harbor Fart Transmission Jack.
My truck always has a huge amount of hand tools and road break down stuff in the back. I'm sure there will be more.
Will also have various ratcheting straps from car hauler size to motorcycle size as well as a 3/8 length of grade 70 chain and a set of 7/32 grade 100 lifting chains. I also have a bunch of different lifting straps.
and for the important part THE FOOD
I am bringing a crock pot full of Hoots Chicken and Dumplings and a thing of cornbread.
Midwest Meet in Feb of 2013. Nice freezing cold night for camping.

There are tons of places to eat in Morehead. It IS a college town by the way.
Anyone coming through the Cincinnati area take the AA highway in Northern , KY and go down to Maysville,KY and then down to Morehead,KY. The roads are great and it shaves about 90 miles each way verses taking the interstate, off the trip. Just watch your speed in KY it is campaign time for them. The State Police are out in major force for speeding and seat belts this time of year.
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