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Now if the glass lifter bar in the '79 is intact I'll be styling.

If you are talking about the one attached to the bottom of the glass, I have 1. Been awhile since I looked at it, so I wont guarantee its in perfect shape, but it should be usable.
It is still on the glass, both yours if you need it.

I tried to pry the gate on the '79 last go.... I going to have to use the blue wrench on it. With my luck I'll set the thing on fire.

If needed I can bring the plasma along, maybe we can shave things out w/o a BBQ. Hmmm......but if you have everything you need off it, BBQ may be interesting...
Runs on 110/220 either or. Just a bit more limited on 110.

Let me know.

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W/F150 springs
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