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Originally Posted by 4x4fEvEr
moving forward on this doubler. what would everybody do for the crossmember to support the 203 and 205? could u reuse the 203 or 205 doubler, drill and cut it to mount to the frame and go on with life or whip out some round or square tubing and fab one up? do you need two crossmembers one for each tcase?

I think there is a good crossmember thread on here to search up in this part of the forum, can't remember if it covered doublers or not. I was gonna try and just fit two OEM crossmembers... but have no idea if that'll work. Maybe you can skip the crossmember under the tranny to 203 and just move it to locate under the adaptor foot between the range box and 205.

Brad, if the adaptor is still bolted to the front of that GM203 and it only has 4 bolt holes for the transmission it will be 27 spline, if there are 6 bolt holes for the tranny it's gonna be the 32 spline.
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